Medical Records and HIPAA

In any response to gender-based violence, there will likely be a point where two worlds will collide: The criminal justice world and the medical community  - law enforcement, prosecutors, and even defense lawyers will need or want to get ahold of information and/or records from medical providers. And depending on circumstance, medical service providers will, or should, object to handing over information or records. All professions need to know what is protected from disclosure, how it is protected, and whether there is a means to get needed information while protecting the rights of the victim/patient we serve.

In this informative and entertaining training video, the first of four on privacy and federal law,  I cover the important details of the privacy protections in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, from the definitions that set out who and what is subject to general rule that establishes the privacy protection, to the exceptions that permit medical providers to disclose the information protected by the Act. I don't just talk about what is protected, but the reasons why the protections and exceptions exist. 

Anyone who works with medical providers responding to violent crime will benefit from this information, especially law enforcement who need prtoected information during the course of an investigation, prosecutors who may need the information to make charging decisions, and present as evidence in trial. In addition, we'll discuss the limits of disclosure, and how prosecutors in particular can use the Act to protect victim privacy. 

Length: Approximately 32 minutes.

Duration: 30 days
Price: $40.00